Cyrion Turn-Key Solutions

Infrastructure Support Services

An organization’s network infrastructure, while usually not the main focus of many business, is the foundation on which companies function . Cyrion System Integration, Inc.’s Infrastructure Support Services offering allows companies to focus on their core focuses, knowing that their infrastructure is in good hands.

Cyrion Systems Integration, Inc. will get to know your business.  Knowing your main focus, business process and staff, we can better know what your technology requirements are.  We can then evaluate your network and servers infrastructure, as well as deployed enterprise applications and recommend potential points of improvement.

Based on an initial audit, we can develop a strategy roadmap uniquely tailored to your business needs that can increase business efficiencies and provide quick ROI.

Infrastructure Support Services Provided

  • Server support
    • Operating system ongoing maintenance (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix).
  • Network support
    • Network topology design/architecture, implementation and ongoing maintenance.
  • Data center design and optimization
  • Hardware solution planning and architecture, deployment and ongoing maintenance.
  • Software and application solution planning and architecture, deployment and ongoing maintenance.
  • Backup solution design, implementation and maintenance.
  • Desktop support

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