Flat-Rate IT

We provide a comprehensive, efficient, cost-contained approach for managed IT support for the items listed below as well as other needs that may arise and fall under the expertise of our team. This team of experts will use a variety of tools and approaches to deploy applications, updates and patches, detect problems and troubleshoot computer, peripheral and network related issues. We also deploy new hardware, facilitate computer life-cycle and inventory control, and provide support for individuals and the applications they use.

This unique approach to IT delivers an entire team of experts at the cost of one engineer.  With our flat-rate approach, Cyrion Systems Integration, Inc. will take care of your on-site and remote IT support, infrastructure planning and management, and pro-active preventive maintenance needs under a planned, budgeted amount.  No more surprise or unexpected bills.

Infrastructure Support Services

An organization’s network infrastructure, while usually not the main focus of many business, is the foundation on which companies function . Cyrion System Integration, Inc.’s Infrastructure Support Services offering allows companies to focus on their core focuses, knowing that their infrastructure is in good hands.

Cyrion Systems Integration, Inc. will get to know your business.  Knowing your main focus, business process and staff, we can better know what your technology requirements are.  We can then evaluate your network and servers infrastructure, as well as deployed enterprise applications and recommend potential points of improvement.

Based on an initial audit, we can develop a strategy roadmap uniquely tailored to your business needs that can increase business efficiencies and provide quick ROI.

Development Services

We offer custom application development as applies to implementing automated business processes, as well as facilitate independent development requests.  While we specialize in client-server based environments (web accessible applications), we do also offer custom stand-alone application development.

Virtualization and Cloud Services

Virtualization and Cloud Services Provided

  • Business / infrastructure requirements & workflow analysis.
  • Solution architecture and planning.
  • New environment deployments.
  • Migrations from physical to virtual/cloud-based solutions.

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